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As part of the effort to get things in working order I bought a cork board from Ikea last time we were there. There are no shelves or drawers on the desk so it's easy to get disorganized. I am constantly tearing things out of magazines to remember and figured the cork board would be the best place to store them for now. I've seen a bunch of inspiration boards on Pinterest and gave it a shot this weekend. So easy!

Since I already had the cork board, I just picked up a piece of pretty fabric and some nail head trim. The only other things you will need is spray adhesive and staple gun. 

If there are any wrinkles in your fabric you may want to iron them out.  Once you are wrinkle free position the fabric over the cork board and allow about an inch of over hang to wrap around the back. Use the spray adhesive to secure the fabric onto the cork only, wait to spray the frame. 

When the fabric is positioned where you'd like it, start applying the nail head trim along the edge of the frame. I used a nail heads width between nails in attempts to keep the spacing consistent. 

After the trim is complete, spray the frame and smooth the fabric over it. Fold the corners of the fabric like a present and staple to secure. I used about 5-7 staples to keep the fabric in place after the corners were secured. 

The rest of the desk area is still a work in progress, but it's coming along (finally). 

The next thing to tackle will be finding storage space for everything that tends to collect on top of the desk. Any suggestions on keeping your workspace organized? 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great idea! I did something similar but covered a canvas in fabric instead, and had a ton of pins coming out the other side. A cork board seems much more practical.

    - Ruby (Blogcademy friend)


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