Clean Eating Challenge: Day 1

Hi all! If you have been reading you know I am doing a clean eating challenge for 7 days. This is a recap of my first day without any processed foods, refined sugars, or dairy.

Yesterday came and went pretty easily. I was actually surprised how similar it was to my normal diet. I did realized though, the first thing you have to train when it comes to a diet or lifestyle change is your brain. I did remind myself a few times that it was only 7 days. Having such a short timeline made it easy to say no to temptation. 

I did have one little hiccup yesterday morning.  At 7:45 I grabbed my usual cup of coffee (which should have been black) and accidentally put a little skim milk in it. This was just a slip up on my part, totally forgot about no dairy. I didn't want to let a good cup of coffee go to waste so I drank it. I usually drink my coffee with a little milk or creamer but the rest of the week I might try to forgo coffee all together. I haven't gone more than a day without coffee for maybe 2 years so this could be somewhat of a challenge extremely hard to do.

To be honest, day one wasn't much of a struggle at all because what I ate was pretty typical for me. After dinner I was CRAVING chocolate but I had a glass of lemon water and tried to push it out of my head. Since it was the first day, it was easy for me to abstain from sweets after dinner. I mean how pathetic would it be if I was telling you I caved after 12 hours and had candy.

I was feeling pretty sluggish after work but that's par for course on Monday evenings. Below are the meals I had on day one of my clean eating challenge:

Day 1:

6am: 2 scrambled eggs. Lemon water to drink.
7:45am: Coffee w/ milk
9:30am: Apple with peanut butter
11:45am: Chicken, broccoli, peppers with brown rice
6:00pm: Grilled chicken and sauteed onions with salad, homemade dressing (apple cider vinegar and evoo)
8:00pm: sliced apple

Nothing too exciting but it was all satisfying and tasted great. How did your day go? Keep going strong through the week!

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