Clean Eating Challenge: Wrap Up

Hello! Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I didn't have a chance to post my meals every day but here is a summary of the final days of the clean eating challenge.

We made a pit stop at Chittenango Falls on the way to my parent's.
Day 5:
6:30am: 2 scrambled eggs
8:00am: green tea
9:30: apple with peanut butter
11:40am: handful of cashews
6:00pm: a slice of pizza, some carrot sticks and grapes

My last post was on Thursday so to pick up where I left off here is how my weekend went. Friday was a tricky day for me. I didn't plan that great for a day of travel so I didn't do as well as I could have Friday night. My snacks were pretty much the usual but I was starving on the way home (over a 4 hour drive). There really aren't any healthy options on the road so I should have grabbed an apple or something for the ride. Ryan's mom had made pizza and I wasn't going to go out and buy an entirely different meal from everyone else so I had a slice. It was delish so I didn't feel totally bad about it. I got right back on track for the rest of the weekend though with chicken black bean soup on Saturday and roasted shrimp with spinach, roasted red peppers and brown rice pasta on Sunday. I didn't keep track of the timing of my meals because I was so busy but my snacking didn't vary too much from what I have eaten all week.

Today for the last day I had 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast, apple and peanut butter for a snack (big surprise there!) and a salad for lunch. After work I had a bowl of chickadilla soup (recipe to come soon).

This week has been a great experience and I may even try to extend my clean eating until Friday. I feel amazing and there have been plenty of other welcome side effects. My skin looks clear, which has always been somewhat of an issue for me. I definitely have more energy and feel focused. I never did this challenge with the main goal being to lose weight. I really didn't know how much effect it would have at all on my weight since it was only a week and I already eat fairly clean regularly. This ended up being the biggest surprise for me. I debated even talking about it since the goal of clean eating goes far beyong losing weight but the difference is worth sharing. I weighed myself every morning when I woke up throughout the week. Ok here is goes, my weight throughout the week: Monday: 131.6, Tuesday: 128.8, Wednesday: 129.0, Thursday: 128.0, Friday: 127.6, Sunday: 126.4, Monday: 127.2. Total difference: -4.4lbs. I was shocked since I never thought that I would lose 4.4lbs in 7 days. Obviously, my weight will plateau at some point but right now I am feeling great and I'm pretty happy with where I am at.

I will be sticking to this regimen for the rest of the week (don't worry, I'm done posting about my meals) and even though I am feeling amazing right now, I am craving a buffalo chicken sandwhich like never before. I will definitely be rewarding myself this weekend.

How did the rest of the week go for you? Thanks so much for following my progress on the clean eating challenge!

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