Happy Hour: Jafluzzi

Happy Friday!  I am really excited to share this drink today because it is one of my absolute favorites.  

Two of my closest friends I have made since finishing college and starting life outin the real world introduced me to this drink. My first happy hour after work the girls took me to a great spot in Hartford called Salute and raved about the “Jacuzzi.  Salute has some pretty great specials and an awesome champagne bar but after hearing the hype of thecuzzi I had to go with it. The drink totally lived up to my expectations and since Ive never seen it anywhere else, its a given that we will all order it whenever we make it for happy hour.

Since then its been tough to get to Salute as often as wed like.  If you were reading yesterday, you know we committed to having a monthly Sunday dinner and this Sunday its my turn to host. I bet you can guess what cocktails Im serving, yup- my interpretation of the Jacuzzi aka the Jafluzzi. This is a drink recipe you will want to keep. Just be careful theyre dangerousand x-rated.


1 oz X rated liquor (a french vodka flavored blood orange, mango and passion fruit)
1/2 oz pineapple rum
1/2 oz orange juice
top with champagne

Cheers! Enjoy the weekend!


  1. This looks completely delicious! Desperate to make this now. I've never seen that X-rated liquor before?!

    1. Charlotte, it is honestly amazing! The picture definitely doesn't do it justice. I hadn't seen it either but the first liquor store I stopped at had it. Have to buy another bottle today since we went a little crazy with the "taste testing" last night! Take care. xoxo

  2. That looks right up my ally!! I am trying to save money and drink less but I might have to buy the ingredients and make this tonight!

  3. On my second one of these right now and I can tell you they do NOT disappoint!! Seriously everyone you need to go home and make this!!

  4. I love every ingredient in this... can't wait to try it!


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