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Holiday Pajamas

I love the holiday season. Everything about it, the food, decorations, people's cheery moods. I wish the entire year was as good looking and good feeling as the holiday season. Christmas eve takes the cake though for my favorite day of the year. Every year my mom hosts our annual Christmas eve party with family and friends. It’s a long night full of laughing, eating and drinking which makes the night so special but one of my most cherished traditions takes place in the quiet moments after everyone has gone home.

As kids, we left Santa a note and a snack in case he got hungry while he put our presents under the tree and read The Night Before Christmas together. Then right when we thought we had mom in a vulnerable moment, feeling full of love and mush, we’d ask, “Can we open just one tonight?”

It didn’t take long for us to figure out that the Christmas Eve presents were the same every year, a set of new pajamas. As kids, our PJs were usually themed in some way. Tye die one year, red union suits the next (complete with butt flaps), leopard print last year. I personally think this is a brilliant mom move since it ended our constant begging for an early present and all of our Christmas morning photos are in perfectly coordinated pajamas (major points there, Mom). Plus Christmas eve just feels extra special in new jammies.  Gap currently has a great selection of PJs whether you're the flannel set type of gal or prefer a nightie...and the kid pajamas- too cute!

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  1. Yes, always have to wear christmas pjs!! Especially since you know your photo is going to be taken all morning long, you need to look somewhat presentable! Since moving out, my boyfriend and I have kept all the traditions—I still leave cookies for santa, kids in the house or not! haha


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