Can I Use Leave in Conditioner Instead of Regular Conditioner

Can I Use Leave in Conditioner Instead of Regular Conditioner

Proper Hair Care Routine is Essential for Bleached Hair

Many women have this doubt like whether they can use the leave-in conditioners instead of regular conditioners. The one difference between the two is that this leave-in conditioner would be in a diluted version than the regular conditioner. You can able to leave it on hair and not to ponder it. You also need to oil it. The other difference is that regular conditioner would be washed off after your use, but this leave-in conditioner would stay in your hair even after you wash. When you compare both, leave-in conditioners are durable and light in the formula and you can use it in the dried hair in the towel.

What is Leave-in Conditioner?

Leave-in conditioners can be applied to your dry hair, and it would help your hair to remain moist. They can also be used on damp hair. You need to get ready for a quick cup, and then you should use this. I would tell you that even the laziest girl would regularly use this conditioner for sure. The formula used in this conditioner is decidedly lighter, and it would not be thick and creamy like other deep conditioners. You would understand that your hair would look very shiny, and also you can manage to style your hair. These conditioners are best for the dyed, bleached or damaged, and curly hairs. Not only for this but also it would work for straight locks. So you should hire the best leave in conditioner for bleached hair.

Can I Use Leave in Conditioner Instead of Regular Conditioner

Sizes and shapes

You can able to get this conditioner in a variety of ways in different sizes and shapes. It includes lotions. Creams and sprays. I would prefer you to use sprays because they are the safest. You can also find it easier to use it and you can distribute it evenly on your hair. So now, you know what leave-in conditioner is and you must know how to use it. Here we go! The quantity to use this leave-in conditioner or when to use it is up to you. When you are blessed with beautiful hair, then it is excellent for you if you use it after washing your hair. But when your hair is curly and sticky, thicker, you may have to use it very often.

The Leave-in conditioner has to be applied to the damaged ends because it is essential to take care of your split ends. You would not believe that it would cause damage to your whole hair day by day if you do not notice it or care for it. The more hair you have, you need to coat it thoroughly with the conditioner to see the differences. You should prefer wash-out conditioners as leave-in because this would not remain for so much time on your head as it build-up irritation to your scalp. Though it causes goodness to your hair, it contains few chemical particles in it and it would cause you some trouble.

Use the Best Leave-in Conditioners:

When you are a conditioner user, then you should know about this leave-in conditioner for sure as it gives you extra benefits. For lazy girls, this would be the perfect partner to use. This would do multitask, and that is the reason why girls love it. A good leave-in conditioner would not moisturize your hair. It also detangles it and also adds strength and silkiness to your hair. Most importantly, it would protect your hair from damage. Girls become lazy to use billion of hair products and if they get one leave-in conditioner, they would do everything with a single product. Here you would find the best leave-in conditioners for bleached hair and also for hairs that get damaged.

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray

This product is one of the best leave-in conditioners, which is made up of the three mixtures. Argan, coconut oil, and rosehip, these three ingredients are rich in producing moisture to your hair, and also, it would make your hair to be hydrated. The formula used in this product is not dense or creamy, and it would be easy for you to use it quickly and apply all over your hair.

The second best strengthening leave-in conditioner is that Leonor Grey

This would leave your hair super soft and also repair all your damages. It looks very healthier to use, and it is made up of collagen and amino acids. This combination is always powerful and can cure all your hair damages, which is for sure. This would enable your hair to look great and also makes it healthier.

The third product is called as Pantene Smoothing Combing Cream

This is a dream product for many people, and once if you use it, you will fall in love with this product as it contains such benefits in it. Like the name, it helps to smooth your hair and also detangles it. The most important thing is that it would be less expensive and also this satisfies all of them who use this product.

The bleached hair would make your hair dry. Using a conditioner for your bleached hair is very important. This leave-in conditioner would strengthen your hair and makes your hair looks smooth and shiny. You can apply it all over the ends of your hair, and you have to rinse it with cold water. You should not use hot or warm water. It helps to close your cuticle and also makes it look moist. If your hair seems too creamy, then you should use dry shampoos.


When you have bleached your hair, you should take special care of your hair. The first thing you should after your eight hours bath is to massage your hair with oil as it helps you to get back the nourishment and nutrient. Use the best leave in conditioner for bleached hair, which is available in the market as it is essential to make your hair and scalp a hydrated one. You should not avoid this conditioning process and should take a bath and rinse it off properly. To promote new hair you should embrace your hair with Apple cider vinegar. Only after this you would get the natural look of your shining bleached hair.