How to Use Face Sponge?

There exist two types of sponges, natural sea sponges, and artificial or synthetic sponges. Due to the expensive costs of natural sea sponges, synthetic sponges are widely used all over the world. Mostly, natural sea sponges come from the saltwater oceans and consist of many beneficial minerals like zinc and potassium. But synthetic sponges are made in the factories and thus, they have lots of harmful chemicals in them.

How to Use Face Sponge?

What are face sponges?

Facial sponges help you enhance the look of your cosmetic products that you apply on your face in daily routine. It might come in the form of blenders or a normal sponge. It assists you to get your perfect makeup look on your face. Besides this, a wet facial sponge can also be used for deep cleaning or removing all the makeup before bedtime. You can get your sponge wet or you can also wet your face with any cleanser before starting the exfoliation process. Just massage it in circular motions on your face and you will see your makeup getting transferred to it in minimum time. Sleeping with makeup on your face causes dullness in the skin of your face and hence it is highly advised to thoroughly cleanse your face before sleeping to prevent the occurrence of future skin issues.

How frequently you should change or replace your facial sponge?

How to Use Face Sponge?

When you daily wear makeup and remove it daily as well, then your sponge demands its cleaning daily as well. Or you can do it maybe within the intervals of two to three days by placing it in your washing machine with liquid soap or use your hands. Do not forget to keep an eye on the germs, dirt, and bacteria as well, that are getting accumulated in the pores of your sponge. It might be a little mushy to remove the wastage from it after a large period. It is recommended by beauty experts to not make a gap of more than two days.


If your beauty blender or sponge has started appearing dull in looks or has shrunken or loosen, then it is the time to buy a new one from the market. They generally become like this within two to three months. Using an old and loose sponge will not do its work properly because its fiber loses its strength after a certain period.

What are Konjac sponges?

Konjac is a plant that grows in South East Asia and especially famous in Japan. It has purple or red leaves and its corms are starchy. Its fibers are famously known for being very tender. It has soothing and antioxidant properties that is why they are used widely across the globe. And we all know what antioxidant does to our bodies. They purify and detox our bodies. Detoxification removes blemishes and dark spots from our skin. But these are costlier compared to other natural sea sponges. Only wealthy people can afford them. Best Konjac sponge by Maybelle is available online in different types such as activated charcoal, turmeric, red clay, and many more organic ingredients.

How to Use Face Sponge?

Properties of an excellent sponge

  1. It has large pores in a spacious body.
  2. Massaging or exfoliating our body and face with sponge improves blood circulation in our body.
  3. If it is a good scrubber, then Konjac sponge can detox our whole body as well.
  4. They soak the liquid nicely.
  5. Natural sea sponges are free from harmful chemicals.
  6. They are easy to wash or clean.
  7. Doing cleaning with their help is less time-consuming.
  8. The durability period of sponges extends from two to three months.
  9. They are mostly self cleaners, so it requires less effort in their cleaning process.

Precautions to be taken with Konjac sponges

  1. They are extremely delicate so these are required to be kept away from other toxic or contaminated products or objects.
  2. Should be deep cleaned after every use so that the bacteria will not cause any infectious disease on your skin, during its next usage.
  3. They should be replaced within two or three months as they have this as their maximum shelf life.
  4. It is advisable to go for natural sea sponges for the body, instead of the artificial ones because they are rich in numerous minerals that are good for our health.
  5. These are biodegradable, which means, they do not harm the environment of the Earth and thus, they are known to be eco-friendly.

Pros of using sponges

Despite having chemicals in synthetic sponges, they are used widely all over the world. Some of its advantaged are listed below:

  1. Diverse characteristics: sea sponges or synthetic sponges may be used as whatever you want them to use. They can be a good makeup cleanser from your face, they can clean the glass or metallic material in your home, they can help you with blending or mixing your makeup like foundation and Concealer. They are nice scrubbers for your body.
  2. Keeps your body smooth: by acting as a nice scrubber to your body, a sponge exfoliates your body so well. It removes the dead skin cells present on the epidermis (outer layer of your skin) and keeps it looking soft and fresh.
  3. Keeps your home tidy: a good sponge with large pores holds more water in it and when you squeeze it, it releases more liquid or water that it had soaked. This is the capability we want when we want to clean our house in less time.


There is a wide variety of sponges available in the market containing turmeric, activated charcoal, clay, and many more herbal ingredients. You just have to pick a suitable one for your skin type. But you need to determine your skin type first.

Although, sponges are gentle and soft but there are different sponges manufactured for face and body. The skin of our face is more delicate as compared to the skin of our body. So, it is recommended by some famous dermatologists that it is better to use organic and herbal sponges rather than using artificial or synthetic ones.

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New Month, New Start: October

It’s that time of month again…time for New Month, New Start.  If you don’t remember what New Month New Start is, check out last month’s post.  I use it as a way to motivate myself and stay focused on my goals. Each month I try to pick different aspects of my life that may need attention.  I tend to switch up my goals from everything to fitness to style or even what I’ll make for dinner. Even though I try to keep the categories of goals different,  I do see myself writing EXERCISE MORE! just about every month. That’s ok! There is always room for improvement in that department.

Let me give you a little update on my progress from last month.  I wanted to work out 3-5 times a week. I have to admit I fell a little short but I did make an effort! I even ran a few times before work which is an accomplishment because let’s be honest… no one wants to get up any earlier than they already do, especially not to go for a run (in the dark).

My second goal was to cook at least one new meal a week. I definitely succeeded on this one and I think it could be easily incorporated into my normal routine. It is easy to get stuck in a meal- rut, you know what I mean, when you rotate between the same 10 meals and find yourself eating tacos way more than you’d like to admit.  This month I made a delicious roasted chicken with lemons and artichoke hearts, spicy corn chowder, autumn chopped salad and my first pot roast.  I was so proud of my meals and it made them taste even better… and I was a big hit with my boyfriend who was equally as sick of tacos. Plus it got me excited to be in the kitchen. I love to cook but when it starts to feel like a chore it loses its appeal. Finding new recipes and trying them out definitely re-inspired me to get back in there.  I enjoy eating so much more when it is a healthy home cooked meal and I know what all of the ingredients are.

Last month I had a bit of a double goal that I would post on here 3-5 times a week and carry my camera everywhere I went. I haven’t done the math but I definitely increased my posts.  So yay me for having more than 3 measly posts on here. It feels awesome! I promise this one won’t change with the new month. Keep coming back for more posts! As far as the camera goes, I used it quite a bit! I got some great shots of my family last time I was home which makes me so happy since I don’t see them very often and its hard to get us all in one place for a picture.  I now also have about 100 “selfies” of my little sister (should have known that one was coming- thanks, Katja). 

Lastly, since summer was wrapping up, I wanted to weed out my shoe collection.  I completely 100% failed at this.  I actually increased my shoe collection by about 8 pairs.  I have to admit, I kept pretending this goal didn’t exist.  A few weeks ago I was in Marshalls and I actually said out loud to myself “What a stupid goal. Why would I even set this?”  It was a desperate moment, I was surrounded by shoes. Now that I increased my collection, I think I’ll have an easier time weeding out some of those old sandals that I am actually kind of embarrassed to wear.  Replacements make weeding out the old way easier!

New Month, New Start: October

For my goals this month, I’m switching gears slightly since I really want and need to focus on the design of my blog. I am a complete newbie when it comes to anything design, Photoshop, coding, etc. so this goal will definitely be a challenge for me. If you have any advice, tips, or known of helpful tutorials, I will be greatly appreciative. I will be gathering some inspiration this month so I can put together a bit of a plan for what I’d like to do here (everything of mine starts with a plan and a list).

This month I’d also like to focus on forming some new friendships (definitely think The Blogcademy will help here) and pay some much needed attention to my old ones. It is so easy to let life get in the way of our relationships, especially with people we aren’t forced to interact with everyday.  I used to say it’s not hard to send a text or email! I couldn’t understand why people didn’t make the time. Now I know first hand, it is easy to let this fall on the back burner.  I’m making it a priority this month to send a few emails, grab dinner with a college friend I haven’t seen in a while and also for a visit to my bestie in Boston. We’re hoping to check this out  and maybe get afternoon tea here, it has been on both of our lists for a while now.

Well, I can’t end my goal list without a fitness goal so I am going to push myself to run 20 miles this month. Two miles a day, 3 times a week will get me to 24 miles. That’s only about a 20 minute run and only a total of 1 hour a week. There should be no excuses when it comes to fitting this goal in. I’ll keep you posted on my progress with this one.

Last but not least, I want to eat a sweet potato. I’ve never had one. Can you believe it? No? Neither can I. I can’t believe I even have to set a goal for this. I want to like them! I even made it my new year’s resolution to like them. I haven’t even tried one and 2012 is close to over. There are no more excuses, I am eating a sweet potato this month.

What are your New Month New Start goals? I’d love to hear them! The best way to stick to your goals is to tell someone else, someone who will ask about them and hold you to them. Now you all know mine so feel free to ask during the month. Good Luck! Here’s to getting better always in all ways!

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