New Chapters

New Chapters

New Chapters

Summer’s transition into fall and the beginning of a new school year has always been a time of change for me. It meant packing up my carefree, easy living summer routine in upstate New York to head back to college. All of that meant living in a new place with new roommates, new classes, being away from my friends and family until the holidays. I used it as a time to set goals for myself. They started out like no naps in between class, eat one salad a day at the dining hall, no snoozing the alarm clock before 8am class. Those were big dreams for my college self.

Since I’ve graduated college, I still use the changing seasons as a time to reflect/refresh/redirect. When I think about this time last year, it feels like a different lifetime. I was living in Connecticut, working full time at an insurance company, going to work happy hours, making gym dates with one of my friends, wearing “work” clothes. I had just started my blog for something to do after work. My goals were to read my camera manual, use my crock pot more, go to yoga. I had no concrete plans of going back to school. I had a long list of places in my head that I wanted to think about moving to and my hometown wasn’t even on it.

Now here I am. Living in upstate New York, ready to start a new school year. It is crazy where life can take you. As much as I thought I was following the plan I’d made for myself, I took a wild turn somewhere and wound up a place I never thought I’d come back to.

In many ways my move home has felt like a step backwards. I left a gorgeous apartment, amazing friends, a great job (with a paycheck!). I was excited for something new but when I got here I felt like it somehow meant that I failed out in the real world.

Then I really thought about it. We finally made it to the summer parties we had missed the last few years. We spent the summer on the water. We ran the beautiful river on the weekends. We treated ourselves to pastries and coffees at a little shop on Saturday mornings. We went to cookouts, bonfires and watched fireworks. It was everything I could want a summer to be. Those are all things I missed while I was away. In reality, my move back home wasn’t a step backwards- it was a leap of faith. As comfortable as I was in Connecticut, I knew I wanted a new path.

Today I start my new path. It is my first day of classes and I’ve got much bigger goals this year than no naps between class (though I should probably revisit the one salad a day goal).

Wow, if you made it to the end of the this post, thanks for sticking around and reading. It was a long one. I hope you all soak up the little bit of summer we have left and use fall as a time to reflect/refresh/ redirect.

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